Volkswagen Passat Wagon Not Coming to Canada *UPDATE

*Since this was written there has been a small development which could mean the possibility of a Passat Wagon sold in Canada. Click here for more details.

Bad news, wagon fans. Prepare to add another to your R.I.P list as Volkswagen has just announced that the redesigned version of the Passat wagon will not be coming to Canada. The news comes on the heels of rumours of Dodge bringing back their full size wagon, the Magnum, and things were looking up for wagon aficionados everywhere.

The news is especially disheartening since the new wagon was spied testing a while back on U.S soil, leaving the impression that VW was looking to see how it handled our North American climate.

So why the lack of wagon love for us Canadians? Well, VW says that SUV’s and crossovers are still in high demand and slow Passat wagon sales in the U.S helped drive the nail in the coffin. The Touareg and Tiguan are selling strongly and VW says they’re working on a seven passenger CUV as well. Besides, the Golf wagon is still around to satisfy wagon-lovers’ taste buds, says VW. But while the golf wagon is an impressive vehicle for sure, those looking to replace their existing Passat wagons may see it as a bit of a downgrade.

[Car and Driver]

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6 Responses to "Volkswagen Passat Wagon Not Coming to Canada *UPDATE"

  1. Volvo isn’t selling the V70 here anymore.
    BMW isn’t selling the 5-series wagon here anymore.
    Saab isn’t selling the 9-5 wagon here anymore.
    Dodge isn’t selling the Magnum anymore.
    Mazda isn’t selling the Mazda6 wagon anymore.
    Ford isn’t selling the Taurus wagon anymore.
    Subaru isn’t selling the Legacy wagon anymore.
    And now Volkswagen isn’t selling the Passat wagon here now.

    Quite the R.I.P wagon list indeed.

  2. Thats the problem…
    Volkswagen is loosing is indentity.
    They only what to bring in the most selling model in the last teen years i manege to stay away from a Caravan with a wagon we could go out for a week end with the family and i had a good driving feeling when it was time to good to work. The perfect balance.
    With the price of gaz the touareg is Not a option and i do not whant to downgrade to a Golf…..

  3. must say I am disappointed, as I was waiting for this car and the diesel powerplant to replace my 05 passat.

  4. I am soooo disappointed that there is no Passat Wagon anymore. It was perfect and just enough luxury to spoil one. I am driving the Jetta TDI and to me it’s a downgrade. The only thing I really love about it is the gas mileage. Please please bring it back and with better color choices as well. I loved my ’07 Passat Wagon with the glacier blue color-I got many many compliments on it. My ’10’s color choice was not much to choose from but right now I just want the car back. I miss it.

  5. I am also very disappointed that there will not be a wagon coming to Canada. My wife is presently driving a 2002 Passat wagon with a 5 speed and it has been an outstanding car. It has 180 000 km on it and no problems. We do not like SUV’s as there really isn’t anymore space than a wagon and the gas mileage is far better. We are starting to look for another wagon but my wife will only drive a manual transmission and its next to impossible to find a car the size of a Passat in manual.

    Why are North American’s such idiots when it comes to wagons and manual transmissions. The rest of the world seems to get it.

    I hope VW does the right thing, as they could really have the wagon market and be the leaders here. As I can see, they will be in a market of their own, since everyone else has dropped the wagon in North America.

    When I go to Europe, all I see are wagons in manual and mostly diesel. Hmmmm……

    • Hi Guido,

      Couldn’t agree with you more. It seems wagons are a dying breed here in North America and you’re spot on in blaming SUV’s for their demise. It’s a shame. Now the only wagons that come to mind with a manual transmission is the Golf wagon and the Subaru Impreza wagon, both of which are considered a downgrade from the Passat. Perhaps your wife might be interested in a CPO BMW 3-series wagon or an Audi A4 Avant?

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