This Guy Has a Pretty Good Argument For NOT Washing Your Car

We’ve all seen them before: dirty cars with a smiley face or ‘wash me’ written on them. Well an artist from Texas is taking that idea a bit further.

Scott Wade has created everything from polar bears to human beings on the back windshield of dirty vehicles in hopes of binging awareness to a national car wash initiative for cystic fibrosis. He has brought his skills to Toronto.

While it obviously isn’t an easy feat, Wade admits in order to get the perfect results, he must coat the car with a thin layer of oil and blows the dirt on with a blow dryer.

It seems Wade’s preference is compact hatchbacks, which may have been strategic on his part since we Canadians love our compact hatches.

And if the car nut in you is cringing because you know when people using their index fingers to put smiley faces, let alone the creations that Wade comes up with, on dirty cars can easily scratch the paint, don’t worry. It seems that Wade limits his talents to the windshield and windows only.

Very cool!

[CBC News]

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