Oh, Nein! Audi In Hot Water Over 'Green Police' Ad

As sad as it is, half game advertisements for the Superbowl are big reasons why people even bother to tune in. For that reason, airtime is ridiculously expensive. In 2008, it cost $2.6 million dollars for a 30 second spot. You know, because it’s not like people in – oh let’s say Haiti for instance – could desperately use such amounts of money. So by all means, blow it all in 30 seconds.

Okay okay, we digress…

But not only do these ads cost a lot in terms of money, they’re costing Audi a lot more in terms of image.

Audi has jumped into the ‘green’ movement and to showcase their commitment to the environment, they have invented a fictional police force creatively known as the ‘Green Police’. I think you can infer by the clever name what the purpose of the green police is.

But that name is causing quite a stir of controversy. Find out why after the jump.

What you may or may not be aware of is, during World War II, the ‘Ordnungspolizei’ affiliated themselves with the Nazi atrocities that we all know of. The Ordnungspolizei wore green uniforms and thus carried the nickname of the “Green Police”. So naturally, there are some people that are up in arms over the new campaign. And of course it doesn’t help that Audi is a German brand.

Audi has since responded to these criticisms saying that they personally spoke with two Jewish leaders (the Head of the Anti-defamation League and the Chair of the U.S Holocaust Memorial & Museum) and they apparently said they had no problem with it. So basically if two people aren’t offended by something, then that means everyone they represent won’t be offended either, right Audi?

But in Audi’s defense, in addition to the blessings given by the two prominent Jewish leaders, they conducted research of the name Ordnungspolizei and found that it translated into ‘Order Police’ which is “more than just the difference between capitol letters and small letters, it’s official versus nicknames” said Jeffery Kuhlman of Audi of America.

Uh huh.

Glad to see Audi is promoting environmental initiatives, but we feel more research than just the literal meaning of ‘Ordnungspolizei’ should’ve been made. After all, if they have $2.6 million to spend on an ad, surely they have a large budget for their research department as well.

Click the video above to see the commercial.

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