Meet The Woman Behind The Design of The New Acura NSX

After what seemed like a decade of torture from Acura, going back and fourth between “we will build it!” and “there are no plans to build it at this time,” we have finally gotten our first look a the production version of the new NSX exotic performance car. It was unveiled officially this week at the Detroit Auto Show.

The new design is largely similar to the concept which appeared at the Canadian International Auto Show a few years ago, with some minor tweaks.

The overall consensus is a thumbs up for the design. The person behind it? A 34 year old woman named Michelle Christensen.

Christensen wanted to design cars after largely designing prom dresses in high school. She wanted to enroll in an automotive design course at the Pasadena Art Center College of Design and was asked for a portfolio of her work.

She didn’t have any.

Check out Christensen’s recent interview with the LA Times to find out how her dream became a reality.

(Photo Credit: Bob Chamberlin, LA Times)

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