Jaguar X-Type to be Reincarnated?

2005 Jaguar X-Type Sport

This would be a very smart move.

Tata is examining the portfolio of its newest acquisition and is noticing a few omissions. Mainly, there is no entry level Jag to help usher people into the brand.

Vice-President of Tata is quoted by Autocar as saying, “It has to happen if you want to keep the brand alive”.

So basically an entry level model is pretty much a certainty. Whether or not it will be called X-type is another story as that car was merely known for being a fancied up Ford Mondeo that didn’t sell particularly well here, and did even worse with its wagon varient.

It’s going to have to be pretty good to keep up with the benchmarker in the segment, the BMW 3-series. There is plently of other extremely tough compeition as well such as the Audi A4, Mercedes-Benz C-class, Infiniti G37, Acura TSX, Lexus IS and probably the 2011 Volvo S60. Quite the list.

Our advice is to make sure you offer a manual tranmission, and you’ll be starting off on the right foot, Jaguar.

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