Ford B-Max Coming To Canada

When Ford introduced the B-Max concept, it was largely speculated that the little 5-door MPV would not see our Canadian roads. Now it seems that it will.

Ford CEO Allan Mullaly recently put speculation to rest by confirming the B-Max’s precence in the Canadian market eventually. When? Well of course he did not say, but apparently he is pretty excited about its North American debut saying that the B-Max’s future in the lineup is very bright.

The B-Max joins the Mazda5, Chevrolet Orlando and Kia Rondo as the only compact MPV’s currently sold here, with the B-Max being the smallest of the three.

The starting price is expected to be in the high teens which would make it a good deal if Chrysler wasn’t so willing to sell it’s ‘full-size’ minivan, the Caravan, for the same price. Still, the B-Max is surely going to be more efficient and more fun to drive. 

What do you think of the B-Max?

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