Flagship Ferrari FF Debuts!

Behold, The FF!

For you twitter tweeps FF does not mean “Follow Friday”, it’s actually the name of Ferrari’s new flagship. FF  stands for “Ferrari Four” which essentially indicates that this 612 Scaglietti replacement is a four seater. It also refers to the number of wheels that receive power. That’s right, this is Ferrari’s first venture into the all-wheel drive world. Being a Ferrari, lightness was still top priority so this new all-wheel drive system weighs half that of a typical all-wheel drive system. By the looks of things, Ferrari is going to sell the FF as being an all-weather daily driving Ferrari and may be taking from Porsche’s cues.

Having four wheel drive standard is probably a good idea considering this Italian stallion has a V12 under the hood making 651 horsepower and 504 pound feet of torque. That’s a lot of juice! To effectively control the power and to get the most out of the engine, Ferrari has also fitted a Formula One style dual-clutch transmission. No word on if a manual transmission will be available, but considering one is not offered on the 458 Italia, it doesn’t look good. 0-100 is an expected 3.7 seconds hitting top speed at 335 km/h.

The FF will have a maximum 800 litre of cargo space available and of course a host of typical Ferrari options including six exclusive colours.

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