Finally! GM Executive Admits the Chevy Cobalt Is "Horrible"


Karl Strake vice president of global engineering deserves a raise. In fact, make him in charge of any decision making when it comes to new models because he has stated what I and many like me have known for a long long time: The Chevy Cobalt sucks and always has.

While in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Strake took the press on a tour of the new Chevy Cruze which is going to be the replacement for the Cobalt. In fact there was a Cobalt on hand that Strake had the opportunity to drive and he held nothing back when asked how it compared:

“Look at this car, it’s horrible” Strake said of the Cobalt. ” How did it get through so many people?”

I was wondering the same thing, I don’t know how it got passed by everyone at GM but what’s even more astonishing than that is the amount of people that actually bought a Cobalt. I mean, they’re everywhere. My theory is that the Cobalt is substantially better than the Cavalier was so by comparison, people thought they were buying a good car. But that’s a bit like saying Bill O’Reilly isn’t as offensive as Rush Limbaugh, so Bill O’Reilly must be a good commentator. And he really isn’t.

Strake had nothing but good things to say about the Cruze though, so it’s probably a legit car. Let’s just hope that it’s not the same situation where we all think it’s a good car because it’s better than a Cobalt, but years down the road we realize that isn’t true.

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6 Responses to "Finally! GM Executive Admits the Chevy Cobalt Is "Horrible""

  1. I am a happy Cobalt owner. I think it is you and the GM exec who do not know what you are talking about. Its easy to see what the GM exec is doing. The Cobalt is being replaced by the Cruze and he is praising the the Cobalt. Good marketing by GM. Open your eyes idiot and use what God gave you to think with. Your such a moron to be led down the primrose path by this guy.

    David Venn

    • Hi David,

      A few things:

      1) How is calling it horrible praising the Cobalt?

      2) This is not good marketing by GM. Rather than making the story about the Cruze, all anyone took away from it was that the Cobalt is horrible. The first thing about marketing is key messaging and Mr. Strake obviously did not follow the script. Bad marketing.

      3) Calling me an idiot for offering my opinion just as you just offered yours is fairly childish and discredits any argument you make whether it’s based on fact or purely opinion.

      4) Calling me a moron with a grammatical error in the sentence is fairly hypocritical (it’s spelled “you’re” not “your”).

      But regardless, thanks for commenting!

  2. Admin, you’re crazy about it even you’re more moron and like you Karl Strake sucks, The Chevrolet Cobalt is a excelent car and good car, even the car is so good that they took him off of the market because is so good car that they need to build shits for make more money because The Chevrolet Cobalt once you buy it it will take a long time to buy damage parts idiot.

    But regardlees, thanks for commenting shits, you prove that you’re a shit and your website

    • Joseph, Joseph, Joseph. Where to begin?

      1) From what I can decipher from your extremely grammatically incorrect comment is that the Cobalt is so good that they had to stop making them? Think about that for a second. Actually, think about that for a few weeks because I have a feeling that’s how long it will take before you realize that it makes no sense.

      2) A car is either a good car or an excellent car. It’s not both. Pick one.

      3) The Chevrolet Cobalt is not alive, therefore it has no gender. Calling it a “him” really makes me wonder if you were of sober mind when you commented on this post

      4) “It will take a long time to buy damage parts…” Why would anyone want to buy damaged parts for their vehicle? No, honestly. Explain that one to me. Generally people will buy new parts for their vehicles because it’s just common sense.

      5)I’m a shit and my website is….? You kinda trailed off there.

      By the way, this is a blog. Therefore it is largely based on opinion – my opinion. You are free to disagree whenever you like, but in order for us to have a real debate on the topic you need to come up with more sensible arguments delivered in a logical, comprehensible format. Name calling just brings the whole discussion down.

      I’d be willing to forgive your nonsensical dribble if English is not your first language. But if it is, then you just made my point about the intelligence level of Cobalt owners.

      Thanks for commenting, Joseph.

  3. I have to disagree with the “horribleness” of the cobalt. Yeah, it’s nothing special, but for a first new-ish car buyer, it is great for what it is. Sure, I Should have got an SS, and if I had my time back I would have. The LT 2.2 L engine is soooo fucking weak, and the SS straight looks better. It’s roomy, the seats are comfortable, and handling is good enough for what I use it for. It’s not a race car so really the engine and handling issue really doesn’t matter. The cons of the car so far from what I can see is the steering wheel leather coating or whatever the hell really sucks. It’s slippery and feels weird, and depending on how far back I want my seat to be, I normally have to adjust the tilt to be able to see how fast I am going, ect. Also, it’s a fucking girls car. Like 5:1 ratio at least, which isn’t really a con. Good conversation price and most female cobalt owners I have come by are hot ๐Ÿ™‚

    As far as the gm guy goes, him saying the car is horrible is ignorant, because it’s not horrible. Maybe compared to his escalade and corvette yeah it’s not well off, but for an every day get to work and back and deliver some pizza at night car, it does the trick, it’s good on gas, looks decent when it’s clean, has a decent interior…..its a good car. But take my advice if you want to stand out above other cobalts, get an SS, and CHANGE THE SPOILER OR REMOVE IT. SS spoilers are ugly and too big ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks for the well thought through rebuttle. I disagree completely, of course, however I’m glad that some people can at least convey their positive thoughts for the Cobalt in a logical and sounds way unlike some of the commenters here!

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