Ferrari Orders Employees to Talk to Each Other More, Email Less

Ferrari is taking an usual step that’s getting international attention: its directing its employees to email less and talk more.

Large companies tend to have an email culture wherein internal communication is subject to emails only, creating large, ongoing threads. Ferrari wants to change that.

“From now on, each Ferrari employee will only be able to send the same email to three people in-house,” a statement on the company’s website said.

Ferrari sited irrelevant subject matter to their daily operations as a reason for the move, which causes inefficiencies and wastes time. In addition, limiting emails will help improve their staff’s socialization improving the work environment.

“Talk to each other more and write less,” said the Italian supercar company.

No word on the consequences if an employee doesn’t follow the new rule.

What do you think of this move? Would you welcome a similar policy in your workplace?

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