Chrysler Keeps Suppling Us With New Material…

2010 Dodge Challenger SRT8 Furious Fuchsia

As if we needed more reasons to make fun of the brand, Chrysler has introduced this new limited edition (thank God) colour for the Challenger.

Keeping with the overall retro theme of the Challenger, it is meant to pay homage to the 1970-1971 Challenger when a similar colour called ‘Panther Pink’ was a colour option. We’re guessing the reason why it was only offered for two years back then was becauseĀ  nobody bought it.

This new colour is going to be called ‘Furious Fuchsia’, and we hard a hard time typing that with a straight face. However an awful name for an awful colour does at least make some sense.

Don’t call it pink though. Despite its homage to the ‘Panther Pink’ version, Chrysler is quick to point out it’s not pink. It’s kind of like how Ross from Friends would refer to his obviously pink shirt as salmon coloured.

Fiat, it’s really time to start calling the shots for your new brand because otherwise they’ll just keep on coming up with stuff like this. Until then, keep the unintentional jokes coming, Chrysler.

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