Alfa Romeo's Canadian Return Delayed?

Along with the return of Fiat, most Canadians are eagerly awaiting the return of another Italian brand: Alfa Romeo. However it seems we will have to wait a bit longer because reports are now surfacing suggesting it will be delayed. Alfa Romeo was originally slated to return to Canada in the fall of 2012.

The report is now pegging Alfa’s return sometime in 2013 citing production and styling conflicts. It seems CEO Sergio Marchionne (the man we all have to thank for bringing the brands back in the first place and for making Chrylser way less embarrassing) does not like the new styling direction of the Giulietta – the car that’s supposed to replace the ridiculous Dodge Avenger and the recently restyled (but still terrible) Chrysler Sebring (now known as the 200). This inevitably means a delay for those vehicles as well when they come to the end of their cycles.

But this doesn’t just affect us Canadians. Since the Giulietta is currently sold in Europe and Marchionne wants to make it a global car, that means Europe will have to make due a gap in the lineup until designers can come up with something that pleases their seemingly anal boss. But hey, it’s better to have a delay to make sure you come up with the best product rather than rushing it. Chrysler can speak to experience with that.

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9 Responses to "Alfa Romeo's Canadian Return Delayed?"

  1. Hi Kevin,

    Can’t wait til Alfa Romeo and the Giulietta come to Canada! This is exciting news! I would like to feature this article on our automotive community,

    Please email me back at and I would be more than happy to invite you to our automotive community!


  2. Unfortunately ….what this means is that the Fiat execs want the car neutered.

    Expect the Giulietta to lose quality… character and performance before it is put into our market.

  3. alpha’s “seemingly anal boss” ??
    WELL, if not being pleased with the
    design of car in his companies line-up
    makes a ceo “seemingly anal” then the ceo
    of all car companies should be “seemingly anal”. maybe that’s the problem with most
    car companies. their respective ceo’s are
    NOT “seemingly anal” and simply go along
    with the garbage designs dictated by the
    accounting department.

  4. i am waiting ????

  5. Personally, I like Alfa Romeo 159. Nice car.

  6. seemingly fussy or critical would be fit to print. The original wording lacked judgment and was just too vulgar. I expected similar editorial policy as mainstream automobile magazines in terms of use of language.

  7. I was in Spain this month and reserved a VW Golf or similar. I got an Alfa Romeo Giulietta, sweet. Diesel engine, 6 forward speeds, my combined city/country driving worked out to 5.7 L/100km. Great car!

    • Agreed, Ken! Here’s hoping they bring that diesel over.

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