Alfa Romeo Spyder Likely to Be Built In Ontario


In its 5 year business plan, head of Fiat Sergio Marchionne let us in on which Alfa Romeo models will be heading to Canadian soil. One of which is the Sypder.

During the presentation Marchionne was asked where the Canadian destined Alfa’s will be built, and he hinted right here in our backyard.

“That car may go to Brampton (Ontario)” replied Marchionne of the Spyder. Italian cars, Alfa’s specifically, aren’t exactly known for their reliability scores, so Canadian made Alfa’s is great news. If the Spyder gets built at the same Chrysler plant in Brampton, there’s a good possibility that other Alfa’s will be built there as well, which naturally, will create more jobs.

Expect Alfa Romeos to be available for sale sometime in 2012.

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  1. If you build the spyder in Ontario, I will buy it ! I love the picture of this car, and have always imagined owning one. This one looks not so fragile as the 30 year old italians.
    Best wishes.


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