Oh Hi: 2011 Lamborghini Jota


Ladies and gentleman, say hello to the replacement for the largest Lambo in the fam – the Murcielgo.

Obviously keeping the physical family genes, the Jota will be more powerful, but will incorporate less weight as expected.

The camouflage is pretty pointless since there is no mistaking it for anything but a Lamborghini, but it does cover up styling details such as the expected Reventon influence and most likely an aray of LED lighting.

A 7.0 litre V12 is expected under the hood making over 700 horesepower and about 520 pound feet of torque. That’s a lotta juice, so to keep the Jota planted, Audi’s superb AWD system will help out with traction. The Jota is expected to get a chasis made of carbon fiber to keep the weight down at around 3,300 pounds.

Just about the only unfortunate thing about the Jota is its name. What the hell does Jota mean? It doesn’t even sound Italian!

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