Top Gear Caught Filming for Season 16 in New York!

Jezza, Hamster and Captain Slow were recently caught filming in New York for season 16 of Top gear. And by the looks of it, season 16 won’t be a disappointment (not that any episode of Top Gear is ever a disappointment).

The cameras caught what looks to be a supercar challenge. Having a self proclaimed Benz bias, Jeremy naturally chose the Mercedes-Benz SLS. Richard, also admitting a fond admiration of Porsches, unsurprisingly took a Porsche 911 GT3 RS to the party while James got the keys for the boner inducing Ferrari 458 Italia.

The boys can be seen attempting to manoeuver through a construction zone – no doubt highlight the impracticalities of actually owning a supercar. At one point Jeremy actually had to open the gullwing door to see where he was going. I can only imagine the hilarious/amazing moments they had on the trip.

I’ve been pumped for new Top Gear for a while, but this video makes me 10 times more exciting.


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