Oh Hi: 2013 Ford Flex

It’s not even 2012 and yet 2013 models are starting to show their faces. Case in point, Ford has released images and new details on the refreshed Ford Flex.

The Flex has always been a bit of a polarizing design with some saying the flat white roof is a rip-off of the Mini Cooper while others say it looks like some sort of stretched hearse. Well, Ford didn’t care to tone down the design, in fact they’ve probably made it even more polarizing. This could be a smart move on Ford’s part as unique designs that push the envelope usually end up being embraced in the end.

The front facia is really where the big changes are. A large brushed aluminum bar across the grille is probably the first thing you notice along with re-worked headlights. You’ll notice there’s no longer a blue oval to be seen anywhere up front as Ford decided to just put the Flex’s name front and centre.

Inside a refreshed dash and console can be found which now includes MyFord Touch (an updated version) along with push-start standard and rain sensing wipers.

There are powertrain updates as well. The base 3.5 litre V6 will get a power boost by 20 horses now making 285 horsepower, all while being 1.6 litres/100 kms more efficient. The V6 Ecoboost engine will cary over unchanged.

What do you think of the Flex’s new schauz? Hit or miss?


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