Oh Hi: 2011 Smart Fortwo


Even though our Amurrican neighbours haven’t quite warmed up to the little bug that is the Smart Fortwo, parent company Mercedes-Benz thinks a slight refresh will help boost sales.

Here in Canada, Smart sales have been better, but have trailed off a bit lately, so the refresh is a good idea.

Though you probably can’t tell by looking at it, the new Smart gets a slightly revised front facia, optional LED running lights (how Mercedes) and newly designed 15 inch alloy wheels. A new range of colours is now available too, not least of which is a matte finish option.

The interior is updated with new fabrics and a leather steering wheel is now optional.

The big news is the new power plant choices. Those in Europe still get the CDI diesel engine, however we still will not. Thanks for that one, America. You’re foolish habits keep affecting us. But anyway, horsepower will get a boost from 70 horsepower to 83. The Brabus edition will now be more than just an appearance package. Brabus editions will feature a 100 horsepower engine.

Now if only Smart could address the horrid automatic transmission of the Fortwo. It’s probably the worst I’ve ever encountered in any vehicle.

No word yet on fuel efficiency numbers. Mercedes-Benz has announced improved efficiency with the 2011 Smart now rated at 4.9 l/100 kms city over the current version’s 5.9 l/100 kms city. Better, but still not as good as the CDI’s 3.9  city rating.

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