Ford Focus RS Coming to North America

Ever wish your Focus ST had even more sporting credentials? Well, you would be well advised to wait until 2016 when Ford is expected to sell its high performance hot hatch globally.

That means us Canadians will finally get our paws on the famous hatchback.

Ford CEO, Mark Fields, confirmed the news yesterday stating, “We are transforming our approach to performance.”

Details of the next generation hot hatch are scarce, but rumours have it pegged to produce anywhere between 325-350 horsepower and it could come from Ford’s 2.3 litre 4-cylinder. In addition, it will carry both exterior design upgrades over the Focus ST along with a reinforced chassis and suspension. No word on if we’ll be getting a three-door option or not.

Once it arrives at our shores, the most direct competition it will likely face is the upcoming Voslkwagen Golf R.

Expect more details to arise in the coming months.

What do you think of the Focus RS? Would you consider buying one?

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