All Electric Fiat 500 to See Production, USA Bound

At the Geneva Auto Show this year, Chrysler was showing off some models of its newest owner such as the little Fiat 500. There was also an electric version showcased, but Chrysler assured everyone that it was just a concept.
Well concept it ain’t no more as it has been officially announced that Fiat will indeed build the 500EV and it will see US showrooms via Chrylser dealerships.

There are very few details that are being released at the moment, but right now we know that the 500EV will be powered by an ‘advanced’ lithium-ion battery, a high power electric powertrain as well as an EV power control unit.

This new 500EV will surely be direct competition for BMW’s all-electric Mini Cooper E, which is currently undergoing the pilot phase in the States as you read this.

No word on whether or not the 500EV will see itself on our fine soil, but it’s pretty likely.

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