Alfa Romeo Giulia to be First Model Sold in North America?


We already know (and are very excited) that Alfa Romeo is planning on returning to Canada, and now reports are suggesting that the next generation Giulia sedan will be the first model available for sale.

The pic you see above is a rendering of what the Giulia would look like. Nice! Unfortunately for us Canadians, Alfa has no plans on offering a hatchback version.You can blame the Amurricans for that one. Apparently, since Amurricans hate hatchbacks so much for some backwards thinking reason, Alfa canned a hatch version for us too.

But Alfa hasn’t completely dismissed the idea of selling a wagon version here.

We are expecting to see Alfa Romeo’s return to our soil in 2012. Can’t wait!

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1 Response to "Alfa Romeo Giulia to be First Model Sold in North America?"

  1. MY first car was an Alfa Romeo Gulia Super back in 1969 and I long for another one finally in Canada.
    My first car was a rocket with an Abbart exhaust it picked up another 10 to 15 HP on top of the 105HP 4 Cyl. 1.6L engine. The long stroke engine with an 11.5:1 compression and needed Super Gasoline. The spark plugs were a 4 contact “Golden Lodge”. Bosch, I think, manufactured one like it a couple of years ago.
    On the Autobahn (less congested at that time) it would do 215 Km/H. THAT was in 1969!!!!

    Man, I’m salivating now. LOL…
    BTW. At that time I was 21 and 2 years of an 8 year stint in the German Army.

    Waiting patiently to get another one before I die.

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