Acura To Bring Back The Integra?

I’ve always had a soft spot for performance cars from Acura, but if you look at the premium Japanese automaker’s line up today, an accessible performance car is nowhere to be found. That may change quite soon though.

A recent interview from Car & Driver with Acura’s Chief Designer, Dave Marek, reveals the automaker’s desire to go back to its roots by reviving an entry level performance car much like the iconic Integra of the 90’s.

If you’re too young to remember the iconic Integra from Acura, do yourself a favour and check out one in motion on YouTube.

“A performance brand needs a flagship and it needs an accessible sport car. Not a sports car, but a sport car,” Marek said.

“There are lots of resources and activity going into making Acura back into what it was.”

Marek referenced the ILX saying “there are changes coming and more changes coming,” although it’s not clear if the refreshed 2016 ILX expected to bow at the Los Angeles auto show later this month is the performance car he’s hinting at or if there will be an entirely new model created.

Either way, this is exciting news. Acura is quite capable of playing with the performance big boys as evidenced by the also iconic NSX (and likely the upcoming NSX if it ever makes it into production) so stay tuned for more in the coming weeks.



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