2016 Chevrolet Volt Caters To Canadians

By Robert Nichols

The most popular plug-in electric sedan in Canada is the Chevrolet Volt. In order to provide the Canadian consumer with the amenities and features we are accustomed, Chevrolet looked closely at the options chosen and listened carefully to their customer’s feedback.

As a result, for 2016 the Volt has received increased standard equipment on the base model. This packaging is unique to Canada and features winter needs such as heated seats, steering wheel and exterior mirrors. Chevrolet Volt owners found themselves relying more on the heated seats and steering wheel, which kept them comfortable, rather than on the actual heater due to the extended electric driving range they gained during the winter months.

Other new standard equipment is aimed at increasing the driving range and the safety of the occupants. These features are: location-based charging, regen-on-demand, rear vision camera, LED low beam headlights and 10 airbags. These equate to a new estimated all-electric driving range of 80 km per charge, which represents a 31% increase over the first gen model. According to the research done by GM, close to 90% of the trips in a new Volt will be completed without the gas extender ever firing up. When the gas engine is used it will deliver 5.7 L/100 km combined city/highway and has a 33L fuel tank which should more than ease the worry of running out of juice.

The interesting news is the initial purchase cost is lower for 2016. The 2016 Volt carries a MSRP of $38,390 plus a $1,600 delivery fee. However, in Ontario a Provincial rebate of $8,500 brings that price down to $29,890. Provincial incentives vary with each province. There is only three provinces offer incentives; British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec. For more information on those incentives use these links.




To date the Volt has sold over 75,000 first gen units, and has been Canada’s best-selling plug-in for 4 years. By working to give Canadians exactly what they want and need, the new Volt should see even greater success.

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