FAIL: Chevy Silverado MLB Edition


The thing is, this could have been a WIN for GM, but since GM is GM, they had to go and ruin it and thus, they end up with a FAIL.

You see, GM is apparently the official sponsor for the MLB All-Star game this year. In addition, they have been very involved in sponsoring youth baseball leagues to help youngsters achieve their dream of making it to the majors. That deserves a WIN, right?

Well the problem is, GM went and did what you see in the pic above to a Chevy Silverado in order to brag about it. Bragging about how you help others isn’t very humble, it’s just douchy. And to make sure we know just how douchy it is, they went and douched up a Silverado for us all to make fun of.

We’re betting not even the most hardcore baseball fan would want to be seen in this thing. Subtlety is apparently something GM hasn’t learned yet and for that you get a FAIL, GM.

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