Get A Life: Supercars in Halifax Pulled Over by Police After Complaints


This past weekend, if you were in Halifax, you may have been lucky enough to notice a lot of supercars around, which isn’t really a regular occurrence down here. About a dozen supercars were in and around the Halifax area, turning heads and showing off those lovely exhaust notes to the public. Everything from Ferrarris, Lamborghinis, Maseratis and even a Saleen was spotted.

They were apparently in town to tour the Maritimes thanks to sponsorship from ZR Autos in Calgary.

Unfortunately they didn’t receive the warmest welcome here since some people down here apparently have a permanent stick up their asses and can’t stand one ounce of fun or change in their lives.

The supercars were driving down Highway 103 to Halifax. People traveling the same highway definitely noticed them and instead of thanking their lucky souls that they were able to experience such and event, they decided to call the RCMP and complain that they were driving at a ‘high rate of speed’.

While I can understand safety concerns of speed, the last thing on my mind would be to call the cops. Chances are the people driving the cars are highly skilled professional drivers who are used to high rates of speed and know the limits of their cars. In my opinion, it’s no big deal for them to open up the taps of the cars if there is minimal traffic and are trained professionals.

The RCMP did indeed respond to the complaints and pulled over one of the cars. The rest of the supercars pulled over as well as a sign of a good gesture. In fact, when the police pulled over the supercars, they were all traveling at the speed limit, so I believe it was a case of just pushing the supercars to their limit with no one really around then slowing to the speed limit once traffic picked up.

Anyway, do you think after all that, these supercars are going to return? I sure hope so. And I hope in the meantime people can get a life instead of calling the cops.

[The Chronicle Herald]

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