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Audi May Beat BMW to Laser Headlight Punch

Does the image above look familiar? It should. It's the Sport Quattro Concept that Audi showed off last year. So what's it doing back on the stage? Take a close look. Audi fanatics are likely to notice the headlights. They're lasers! The new technology is supposed to further increase visibility over...
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2015 Subaru WRX STI Pics Leak

For a while there it seemed like Subaru was going to drop the STI from its lineup because the WRX has gotten just that good. But lo and behold STI fans: it's back! Pics have just leaked ahead of the STI's official Debut at the Detroit Auto Show. As of right now...
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Saab Is Back!

By Mary Beth Thompson Here's a bit of good news for you Saab fanatics! You may remember (or have blocked from your memory) that Saab unfortunately had to file for bankruptcy after a long and dramatic process which had multiple companies line up to purchase the troubled brand. We thought that was it...
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