Monthly Archives: January 2017

Test Drive: 2017 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

By Kevin Harrison Volkswagen continues to be one of the only manufactures left that still believes in North American’s desire for a wagon – despite the overwhelming success of SUV’s and crossovers. Us wagon fans thank the automaker for not giving up, though many of us have considered other brands thanks to...
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Test Drive: 2017 Nissan Titan Platinum Reserve

By Kevin Harrison Of all the auto makers that sell product in North America, Nissan is one of the most well rounded in terms of product offering. They’ve got product available in almost every segment. Want a sedan? They’ve got three to choose from. Want something on the cheap? They offer the cheapest...
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Test Drive: 2017 Toyota Corolla SE CVT

By Kevin Harrison As most usually do, I look forward to the holiday season for the food, among other things. I am fortunate enough to have a mother and aunt who are skilled cooks. My Grenadian heritage often influences the meal with Caribbean themed side dishes often making an appearance on...
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