Monthly Archives: February 2012

2013 Nissan Altima Partially Revealed

Looks like someone at Nissan has some explaining to do. In a recent promotional video released by Nissan Japan, the company's mid-size sedan was partially revealed ahead of schedule. Nissan has since axed the link to the video, as...
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Volvo V40 Revealed on Facebook


While it's not uncommon for an automaker to replace two of its existing models with a single new model, Volvo has taken the unusual step of killing three birds with one stone. The new V40 is meant to...

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Is BMW Interested In Acquiring Saab?

By now you've likely heard that Saab has filed for bankruptcy and, as a result, administrators have opened the floor to bids on the Swedish car brand. Saabs United is reporting that there is about 6-7 bidders interested in acquiring the...
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